Here's a list of podcasts featuring Kira and her work.

Can games unite the mystical and the digital? Writer, game designer, and cyberwitch Kira Magrann is here to talk magic, technology, and her new digital zine, RESISTOR.

We sat down and talked to Kira Magrann, self-described queer cyborg about the games she's working on, snake wrestling, inclusivity, and more!

Join Ang and get to know the newest Gnome, Kira, in this new episode of the Gnomecast! Enjoy this full episode of getting to know a gnome and learn about Kira’s game design and snake babies. Will Kira successfully avoid the stew, or will her first appearance be her last?

In this episode Cathy, Sarah, & Jesse talk about their 2017 Game Challenges; and Cathy interviews game designer, Kira Magrann.

Here are some written interviews: